Florence gluten free Salami and Prosciutto Tasting

Florence gluten free Salami and Prosciutto Tasting

Our tour start at 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

Tasting the cured meats of Tuscany is an indispensable experience for lovers of typical food and wine: A well-dosed set of ancient knowledge, quality, Excellent meat and spices made unique by the experience and love for their work.

The salami is an Italian term, present in various typologies and varieties, to indicate a food based on raw or cooked meat, with the addition of salt, sometimes of animal fat, herbs and spices and possibly other ingredients and preservatives.

That is why, every taste is never banal especially of salami and prosciutto. Every salami tells a story, gives sensations, provokes emotions. Even the Tasting becomes knowledge: it is therefore important to make it in the correct way, with our with our Florence gluten free salami and prosciutto tasting.

A highly handcrafted production that will amaze you for the simple taste of real good things, such as prosciutto: only Italian pork thighs and no added sugars.

Tradition and authenticity that you will find in unique and memorable products to enjoy with tranquillity to savour not only excellent cured meats, but above all memories...

You can not imagine how many variants there are on the market of Italian cured meats and all excellent. Create sausages and hams + an ancient craft in which the skill and imagination of the professional makes a difference. An Italian skill that distinguishes us from all the rest of the world.

The taste of salami and prosciutto will be accompanied by baked products and coupled with some wines. Experts in the sector will the characteristics of production and taste of salami as well as the combination with wines chosen ad hoc for the occasion.