Florence gluten free Porchetta and Lampredotto tasting

Florence gluten free Porchetta and Lampredotto tasting

Our tour start at 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

A taste that embodies ancient recipes and traditions of the past. A meticulous care of the raw materials, combined with a process of production refined over the years, give the pork a unique softness and delicacy, in the aroma and taste.

Our Florence gluten free Porchetta and Lampredotto tasting will be an appointment dedicated to the gastronomy and tasting of one of the typical food of the area, and that offers, among other things, some of the points of historical, artistic and naturalistic interest of our splendid city.

You will not miss tastings, combinations with the wines of the territory and with the Italian artisan beers, sandwiches ad hoc gluten free, exhibitions, insights, visits to the territory as well as original initiatives for you.

You can not come to Florence and not stop in one of the classic kiosks, better known as Trippi, to eat, precisely, the sandwich with the tripe or the Lampredotto! In a simple sandwich is enclosed, in fact, a mix of tradition, genuineness and authenticity

Practically an institution in Florence. It serves nicely hot cut into pieces in a previously dipped sandwich in the baking bottom where the bovine stomach was boiled, and served with green sauce or, if you prefer, spicy.

An opportunity also to spend a Sunday in the beautiful country where in the squares will be held the local markets of fashion and antiques as every day in this beautiful city.