Florence Gluten Free Market Tour for coeliacs

Florence Gluten Free Market Tour for Coeliacs

Our tour start at 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

In Florence you will find the best gastronomic products but also numerous high fashion boutiques. Florence gluten free and coeliac market tour is an experience Unique, a real pleasure for the senses!

Each city speaks to us not only through its monuments and its history, but also and above all through its local products, its colors and its places of Meeting. The market of San Lorenzo or the central market, symbols of the city, are the testimony of this important history of Florence.

Like all the Italians, the Florentines love to do the shopping at the market. Every day the market stalls are filled with local products such as fruit and vegetables, cream cheeses, Fresh bread and delicious salami.

NOn a wrong it is said that the small citizens markets are the mirror of the people who live them, and give the flavor of the region. The ones you can find in Florence will leave you hungry and wanting to visit them again. Chaos, colors, scents and a mixture of frenzy and cheerfulness that do not They can only fascinate.

Florence is a modern city that has not lost the fascination of tradition and the past. Every day foreigners and Florentines will about To visit the various markets markets called "Fleas", where you can buy local products of excellence.

The central market is a new and huge square Blanket where you can go any day of the year to make your experience of taste, time and fun. Open to All: And here authenticity, spontaneity and tradition are the protagonists. You can buy, taste, enjoy, discover, listen, read, tell.

Among the gastronomic itineraries in Florence, Choose our Florence gluten free and coeliacs market Tour You can admire the most famous places of the Tuscan capital and enjoy dishes of excellent quality... A true joy for eyes and palate!