Florence Gluten Free with Balsamic Vinegar Tasting

Florence Gluten Free Balsamic Vinegar Tasting

Our tour start at 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

Balsamic vinegar is famous all over the world, even for the real sensory experience it offers, and that you will discover thanks to our Florence gluten free balsamic vinegar tasting, and it is the fruit of a tradition that has been passed down for centuries.

The traditional balsamic vinegar is produced exclusively with grape must from the province of Reggio Emilia and, in order to obtain the DOP mark, must be worked in the same area respecting a very rigorous discipline.

It is obtained exclusively from the grape must pressed, cooked, refined and aged in barrels of fine wood, oak, chestnut, ash, mulberry, cherry or juniper. Simple ingredients, which without the experience of the man could not give life to a product of such high quality.

The ageing takes place, generally, in fine French oak barriques, from which it receives the unmistakable and precious aroma, which are periodically renewed, to favour the optimal oxidation and the sale of aromatic substances.

What distinguishes the "balsamic" from other vinegars is not only the material from which it is obtained, but the alchemy of time and the wisdom of a tradition that boasts ancient origins, historical heritage of knowledge.

It will not be the usual sensory tasting to discover the aromas and taste, but a sensory experiment in the round, made possible thanks to our tour guide and the expert called for the occasion.