Dinner at Chef Home in Florence

Dinner at Chef Home in Florence

The Dinner at Chef Home in Florenc, Tuscany, is a service to which few think, but it will allow you to get an excellent value for money for your events. Whether it's a dinner with friends at home, a birthday, a graduation party, a recurrence, a romantic evening, nothing changes, every excuse is good to celebrate!

Tenacious, curious, sociable, passionate. For Chef Varinia Cappelletti The stoves are not a job, but a passion, a philosophy that involves every sense and every minute of his life. "Many people eat, but only a few cooks," he repeats several times.

He knows the food, their benefits, the seasonality and the preservation, he knows how to create tasty recipes without anything going wasted and while he gives the best of himself to the stove, he entertains you with such a quantity of topics, from you to take notes!

Not always an important reception finds its right place in an exclusive location, and in certain circumstances the number of diners is reduced to a small group of people. In such cases you may want to consider organizing a lunch at the home of a famous chef.

Our service is complete and takes away all your worries and thoughts. We agree with you the menu according to your requests and your taste. If you do not have a precise idea about what to choose, don't worry: we will suggest you the courses based on your preferences and your guests.

Menu and preparation of our special dinner is created and managed from the international Chef Varinia Cappelletti, she manage other business included www.socialdinnerflorence.com

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